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Non-Surgical ACL Rehabilitation at Bounce Physiotherapy
Did you know that Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) rupture does not require reconstructive surgery, and can actually return to pre-injury level sport, including pivoting sports such as AFL, Football, Hockey, Rugby etc. in less than half the time?
There is a growing body of evidence that ACL reconstruction is not required, and is not superior to conservative treatment involving Physiotherapy, strength, power, balance, and proprioceptive training.

In 2015 an English Premier League player completely ruptured his ACL and returned to pre-injury level sport 8 weeks post-injury without surgical reconstruction. Furthermore he continued to perform at the highest level and was re-signed for the following season. 18 months post injury he was problem free (Weiler et al 2015, Weiler 2016).

Pictured are 3 elite athletes who performed with-out intact ACLs

1. Peter Wallace - Penrith Panthers NRL
2. DeJuan Blair - Pittsburg Panthers NBA
3. John Elway - Denver Broncos NHL Hall-Of-Famer

So here's what you should know:
• You CAN return to pivoting sports without an ACL; not one group study shows you cannot perform pivoting sports without an ACL (Grindem et al 2012).
• Your knee DOES NOT degenerate faster if you don’t have an ACL reconstruction (Filbay 2018).
• A torn ACL CAN re-attach and heal (Costa-Paz et al 2013, Van Meer et al 2014, Fujimoto et al 2002).
• There are NO confirmed greater risks involved with conservative management, and in-fact do not involve the risks associated with surgery (Apaul 2016)
• ACL reconstruction IS NOT superior to conservative management (Frobell et al 2013, Rooney 2018, Smith et al 2014).

Risks with ACL reconstruction:
• Increased risk of osteoarthritis, patellofemoral pain, patella fracture, patella tendon rupture following a patella tendon graft (Frobell et al 2013, Jarvela & Jarvinen 2001, Neuman et al 2001).
• There is increased risk of hamstring muscle atrophy, and hamstrings weakness following hamstring graft, which can increase the risk of hamstring tear, and hamstring tendinopathy (Erlund 2017, Konrath et al 2016, Thomas et al 2013).
• There is a significant risk of rupturing the ACL of the other limb up to 2 years following ACL reconstruction (Magnussen et al 2015).
• Up to 1 in 3.7 people sustain a second ACL rupture within 10 years of ACL reconstruction (Pinczewski et al 2007, Salmon et al 2005, Wright et al 2007).

At Bounce Physiotherapy we will provide you with the best evidence-based information and interventions to ensure you can safely return to sport with a structured rehabilitation plan.

So before you rush for surgery, contact us, or book an appointment with your Bounce Physiotherapy Balcatta physio today. Ph. 9344 7476
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