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Difference Between Pilates and Yoga for Back Pain

An oft asked question by clients of Bounce Physiotherapy Balcatta is what will be better for my back or neck pain...Pilates or Yoga?

Both Pilates and Yoga are of great value in the management of your specific back pain needs, provided they are taught correctly!

Our Bounce Physiotherapists generally advise back pain sufferers to be assessed for Pilates because the focus of Pilates is core strength. Focus on core strengthening and core control are the pillars of a robust back rehabilitation program.

At Bounce Physiotherapy Balcatta, all our professional physiotherapy staff are highly qualified in Pilates. We will expertly assess you to determine the type of Pilates exercises that generates the best results for your specific back problem. We will also guide you in the correct exercise technique whether you attend on a 1 to 1 basis or in one of our popular classes.

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