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Back Pain? Avoid These Unhelpful Measures! Part 1

Most of us have all been there...acute back pain with a fear of moving in case it increases pain or makes the injury worse. Avoiding some of the pitfalls may enhance the ability to recover from debilitating pain sooner rather than later. These include the following:

   Bed rest may be tempting and initially may provide some welcome reduction of pain. Return to activity as soon as possible has proven time and time again that it will enhance recovery and reduce symptoms quicker. Your Bounce Physiotherapy Balcatta physio will assist in a recovery plan.

   Referring for scans is common especially in cases of acute back pain and concern that there is a serious underlying cause. Medical evidence suggests that there is a poor relationship between presenting symptoms and findings on a scan. In fact, similar radiological findings are present even with people who have no back pain. Don't be fooled by false positive scan findings!

   A back brace could provide comfort for short term pain relief. Over reliance may cause increased stiffness and weakness of spinal muscles. The best approach is to work with your Bounce Physiotherapy Balcatta physio to strengthen the natural corset of muscles around your back


There you have it, avoiding these pitfalls could go a long way towards a quicker recovery from acute back and the team at Bounce Physiotherapy Balcatta will be too happy to assist.